Second Project: Fix Washing Machine

While I am working outside doing the de-landscaping, there is an inside project that I can tackle.  When I first moved into the house, I purchased a Siemens washer and dryer set.  The washer, a front-load model, did its job well for over 10 years, but it was really showing its age.  The gasket seal was repulsive with mold stains.  I have pictures, but out of embarrassment, I’m not posting them.   Also, the machine vibrated and banged like it was trying to commit suicide.  Did you know front load washing machine had shock absorbers?  They do, and when the shocks go south, this is what it sounds like.  This is a dry spin cycle with a load of towels.

I found a website ( that carried parts for my somewhat rare washer model and purchased the gasket and shocks.  Over the course of a few hours over two days (I’m learning when to stop out of frustration), I got everything changed out.  I think it is definitely for the better.  Look at the difference between the old shock and the new:


The old beat-up shock is on the bottom.  When I removed it, the shock just expanded and contracted with zero resistance – none.  My test spin with the towels actually caused it to spit out a bunch of grease into the body of the washer.  It was dead.

After all that effort, I reloaded the towels and did another test spin cycle.  This is the result:

Aside from nearly eliminating the vibration, the drum was able to spin much, much faster.  It sounds like a turbojet engine.

This was about a $150 fix.  It should give me years more service out of the washer.  I’ll definitely be much more proactive with drying the gasket after my weekly laundry sessions, so hopefully, I don’t end up with the massive mold issues that I had before. The most important thing to me is that this is the first item on my list I can cross off.  As I progress on the de-landscaping, that will probably be the next one off the list.  There’s still plenty of time before the house is emptied and I can start doing major inside projects.

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