Side Project: Removing Redundant Fence

When I first bought the house, my neighbor and I had fences between our properties and there was about a 4ft gap between the fences.  Enough to get a lawn mower in and not much else.  Fairly recently, my neighbor came over and discussed his plans to build a new privacy fence and build it right up against my fence, eliminating the gap.  He said he would relocate my fence gate to the front instead of the side as part of the deal.  I’m not sure what kind of a deal it was, since he assured me the land was his and my fence was at the property line.  Four feet, what do I care?

So anyway, his new fence has been built for some time now and there’s been some wild grass growing between our fences.  I decided to get in there and kill off that grass.

This is the way the fence looked before the removal.  You can see the grass plants at the front gate between the fences.



After tearing out the grass plants, I decided to just keep going and eventually pulled out all the fencing.



It looks a lot cleaner now.  The fence now becomes my neighbor’s full responsibility.  This will also make things easier for my lawn service, so they can weed whack the areas they couldn’t before because of the wire fence.

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