Stocking Up On Legrand Adorne

In a previous post, I mentioned that I would have to keep my eyes out for clearance or discounts on a lesser-known, very expensive brand of electric switches, the Adorne collection from Legrand.

Well, I certainly didn’t expect to be rewarded so quickly.  Just today, I was out driving on my own and saw a store that had intrigued me for a short while.  I’m no stranger to pawn shops, thrift stores, and flea markets, so I don’t mind a little sketchiness when shopping.  This store was tucked way back in a plaza with poor signage and somewhat outrageous claims, like “never pay retail ever again!”

The store was essentially a dumping ground for Home Depot scratch-and-dent, overstock, and returns.  That’s not exactly a bad thing.  It’s not a bottom-end Chinese import store that reeks of hazardous chemicals.  And it was packed full of everything.  There was some really nice stuff in there and the prices were generally about 50% of the best price I found new.

And that’s where I found the Legrand pieces.  I saw one and lunged for it.  Then I saw there were more in the same bin.  So I pulled them all out onto the floor and started sorting them.  At first, I was disappointed that there were so few in the color I wanted: magnesium.  Then I realized that the majority of them were in a pretty close tone: brushed stainless steel.  Not only that, the brushed stainless ones were the same price.  So I snatched up all the magnesium and stainless they had.

So how good of a deal was it?  Well, I got one 1-gang magnesium plate for $15.  That’s almost double retail price.  Uh, wait.  That’s a good deal?  Hear me out.  I also got eight more 1-gang stainless plates for $15 each.  Those retail for $38 a piece ($32 on Amazon).  Ok.  Not bad.

I also snagged a few 2-gang plates.  Two in magnesium, which retail for $15 (inexplicably, $21 on Amazon) and one in brushed stainless, retailing at $62 ($48 on Amazon).  Each for $7.  Yup. $7 for a $62 wall plate.

I made a return trip because I needed to share this store with the GF, who ended up getting a great deal on three Husky tool chests.  On that second trip, I found a few more Adorne pieces: pop-out outlets!  These were priced at $30 and retailed for $62 ($55 or so on amazon).  I was able to get three of those in magnesium.

So, I’ve spent about $270 for today, but I have well over $600 in stuff for my project.  Excellent!  Reviewing my purchase list, I have more than enough 1-gang plates, and three of the four needed 2-gang plates.  I need five 3-gang and one 4-gang, yet.  However, reviewing my purchase list exposes a fail on my part.  I way overspent on wall plates.  I budgeted $9.18 per plate and I paid $15.  Yes, I did get stainless plates, which are very cool – a definite upgrade from what I originally budgeted. I’ll need to maximize their placement in the house to ensure they make the biggest impression for what I paid for them.  I shouldn’t waste them on electrical outlets, except for maybe kitchen counter outlets.


Still.  It was a good day.

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