Ceiling Fan Finally Up

This has been a really long time coming, but the ceiling fan finally got installed.  And along with that, the first Adorne pieces were installed as well.  There’s nothing exciting about a ceiling fan install.  The only thing that varied was exchanging the provided downrod with a longer, 12” downrod.  That was a piece of cake.

One small snag I ran into was the mounting of the ceiling bracket.  I guess the fan makers don’t include screws to mount the bracket to the ceiling box.  I grabbed a couple of screws I had left over from the light switch install and they weren’t the right size.  So I went to my recently-populated small parts cabinet and pulled the drawer of machine screws.  Turns out the screw size I needed was the same as the ones used by cabinet pulls.  However, all the screws were too long.  I’ve been there before and that’s not a problem anymore since I learned the trick when installing the cabinet pulls.  A couple quick cuts and I was back in business.

Anyway, this fan is not of a brand that you see everywhere, like Hunter and Hampton Bay.  It’s Ellington, by Craftmade.  I’ve installed a few fans by the formerly-mentioned brands and the difference between them and the Ellington is notable.  There seemed to be a lot more thought put into the Ellington.  It had a few redundant safety features that were nice to see.  I also noticed the pitch of the blades was more dramatic and as such, the fan moved a lot more air.  My research has told me that in order to power fan blades with a greater pitch, you need a more powerful motor, so there’s that, too.

Partially installed:


And completed:


The painted blades look just fine.  The control for the fan is a specialized Adorne fan control, which got installed with the ceiling light switch.


The details on the Adorne install will be in another post.