Master Closet Nearing Completion

And the chosen layout is:


And that’s the first step.  The bigger task at hand is deciding how to lay out the shelves, drawers, etc, inside the wardrobe units.  Some things that have been decided:

  • Pants hangers in deep units are a waste of space.  Get a wide one for the 13” unit.
  • Similarly, you can’t hang shirts sideways in a shallow unit.  Get hanging rods for the 23” units.
  • 8-ft units are obscenely tall.  There needs to be a shelf at the highest level.

And that’s about the extent of what I could mentally process at one time.  I tried to come up with a design, even involving the Pax planner (which is very cool).  But in the end, I just bought the frames and some rods and top shelves.  I wanted to see the frames installed so I could give more consideration as to how I wanted to lay out the drawers and other shelves.

That might have been a very good idea, because the two frames that are perpendicular to each other might pose some problems with drawer pull-out depth – as in, I may not be able to extend the drawer completely.  So maybe simple shelves may be better there.  I still haven’t even committed the units to the wall yet with anchors, so I could potentially swap the wide and narrow 23” units before I’m done.