Master Bedroom Progress, Still Not Completion

The master bedroom.  The room that refuses to be completed.  Around the time I was working on the laundry room, I was waiting for bedroom stuff – the bed frame and the mattress.  Then, just like my laundry room ceiling light was surprise delivered, so was everything else.

I started the laundry room on a Thursday, my usual laundry day.  My mattress was scheduled to be delivered sometime Friday.  With a hurricane also scheduled to arrive that day, I took the Friday off work so I could get the mattress inside immediately instead of having it sit in the rain and become a big hurricane sponge.

Surprise, my mattress showed up Thursday.  Luckily it came between downpours and it got inside with no issue.  That’s 140 pounds of mattress now sitting in my staging area.  And I still had about 3 weeks before the bed frame would show up.


I kept my Friday off work and used the day to work on the laundry room, making great progress.  Saturday, I get a call from the furniture company delivering my bed frame.  Surprise, they’re coming tomorrow at 8 in the morning.  Uh, ok.  I have a washer and dryer blocking the door and crap scattered everywhere.  But I made it work.  I was at the point of getting ready to paint the ugly yellow paint in the laundry room when they showed up.  A short while later, I had an assembled bed in my master bedroom.

While it’s there, might as well install the mattress.  The GF and I hauled the mattress in and opened up the case.  The mattress is a Purple, the fancy new online-only mattress.  From the initial laydown on it, it’s a really nice product.  However, I can’t really sleep in there because I don’t have curtains.  I did take a short nap on it after work and was disturbed twice by neighbor children coming to the windows.  I think they were catching lizards on the window screen, but still, what the fuck.

To explain the chain of dependencies involved in beginning to actually use the master bedroom, it’s like this.  I couldn’t use the room until it was repainted.  After it was repainted, I couldn’t really use it until I moved my closet.  I couldn’t move the closet until I had the wardrobes.  Now with wardrobe frames installed, I still can’t fully use the closet until I have the drawers for the wardrobes.  Despite that, I couldn’t use the bedroom until I had a bed or a mattress.  Now that I have those, I can’t use it until I have curtains.  I have curtain rods on order and still have to buy curtains.  I also have to buy a comforter.  I still don’t have any nightstands.  At this point, the earliest I may be able to use the bedroom is next Wednesday.