Master Bath, Step 1

Today began the process of redoing the master bathroom.  That means removing the popcorn ceiling.  That also means dust everywhere.

Before I started, I had the forethought to seal off the master closet to minimize the dust invasion.  Unfortunately, I was also in a hurry to get started, so I didn’t remove the ceiling light.  That worked out ok, because I did the ceiling in two passes.

After the first pass, I had more than half of the ceiling done.


You can see there is attic access here, which is just a piece of drywall.  The piece kept shifting as I tried to scrape it in place, so I took it down and scraped it on the floor.

The rest of the ceiling went smoothly as well.  Tiny ceiling light is removed.  Just a few nicks here and there when I was done.


Without the light soffit in place, it was easy to get at all the parts of the ceiling.  Tomorrow is sanding and patching.

I already have the light fixture to go back in.  It’s the smaller version of the light in the master closet.  Unfortunately, Alico lighting doesn’t have anything similar for vanity lights.  I may still buy the same brand just to provide consistency.  There’s still some time.  I’ll need to figure out how I’m going to wire the lights.