Art and Greenery

One bullet item on my list was to artify my house.  Overall, my walls have been quite bare.  I’ve owned a couple of nice original art pieces for decades and they were the primary design element for the master bedroom.  One other piece I purchased, I spent a rather large sum on to get professionally framed and that piece now hangs in my office.  I also happened across two large original pieces by the same artist at two different furniture stores and bought them both, providing consistency to my living and dining areas.

I had two other pieces of art I wanted to frame and utilize somewhere.  One was in a gold frame and was wrapped in plastic and the other was just loose in a tube.  My first plan was to repurpose the gold frame, so I released the painting from the frame, which was a sticky mess.  Then I spray painted the frame black.  Then I began to look into cutting the glass for the frame, a task which would also need to be done for the second painting.


Along the way, the GF and I spotted some poster frames at an art store that would let me mount the paintings in a floating fashion.  The painting would be sandwiched between two pieces of acrylic with a clear border where a mat would normally be.  Now, I understand that is not what you would want to do with fine art, since the contact of the glass with the art could be nothing but detrimental.  However, these aren’t exactly “fine art”.  They’re nice, numbered reproductions, but they’re not originals.

Seeing the paintings in the floating frames, I don’t have any regrets on the decision to use them.  And I returned all my framing tools, so I don’t have to worry about learning a new skill now.  Where I had originally budgeted $200 for framing of one of the paintings, I ended up framing both for $60.


A step closer to reality is my massive project of CD cover printing.  I’ve ordered 40 – 15” black frames.  That’s one piece.  I also need to buy fine art paper, a photo printer, and photo mats.  There’s a slight concern about how the matting will work, so hopefully it works out for the best.


On another topic, plants!  When purging the house of the previous occupant’s junk, I saved a couple of neat planters which had given me an immediate image of how to populate them.  I picked up a small cluster of succulents and potting soil.  I broke the cluster of plants up and divided them into the planters.  I’ve never had plants of my own, and the house has been plant-free for many, many years.  So this is bold, new territory for me.