Master Bath Changes Everywhere

A bunch of updates in the house this week, which also means money was spent.  But there wasn’t any way around it and it had to happen some time.

Painting (finally)

This is something that took a stupid long time.  The room was taped off for a long time, then it was primered for a long time.  Finally, the paint has gone on and the tape has come off.  The color is a light grey, lighter than the shade in the master bedroom.  It blends fine with everything from the green/turquoise vanity top to the terrible pink shower tile.

Installing the vanity light

The light for the vanity, an LED beast, finally got installed. To be honest, it’s too much light.  Maybe I say that because I’ve had to work without any light for so long, but it is very illuminating.


Updating the fixtures

I had my eyes on some Moen fixtures, which aren’t cheap, but are very nice.  One of the requirements was no visible screws – that’s something that exists in the guest bath fixtures and generally annoys me.  The styling is quite modern, and while it doesn’t mirror any of the lines of the cabinet pulls, they should be able to stand alone.  I may update the faucets at some point to complement the style.


Updating the switches and outlets

The Adorne switches and outlets items are all in.  I chose to use the plastic wall plates since the master bath is not generally a public-accessible room.  One new element in this install is a timer switch, which I have hooked up to the exhaust fan.  I’m always leery about running the fan because a) it’s loud, and b) if I only run it while I’m in the shower, that’s not enough time.  But if I leave it run when I’m done with the shower, I won’t be able to turn it off for hours and hours.  So, the timer switch will let me run the fan for 60 minutes after I’m done.

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Upgrading the toilet

This room still has the original toilet when I bought the house, which may be the original toilet when the house was built.  It’s time to move on.  Its replacement is a modern-tech design, with what is called a “rimless” bowl.  This appealed to me because the last months of the old toilet seemed to exhibit a problem with mold building in the openings of the bowl rim.