Master Bedroom–Removing Popcorn

It’s been a little while since I’ve kicked off a new project.  I had planned on doing the laundry room next, but reprioritized to work on the master bedroom so that things can start getting moved around.  This is going to be like those sliding number puzzles until everything in the house is in order.

After a slow prep period of removing the ceiling fan and AC vent, covering up the recessed lights, restocking supplies like primer and getting new supplies like plastic sheeting for the walls and a new garden sprayer, I was ready to start.  I didn’t use plastic in the closets when I scraped their ceilings, so I was curious to see what a difference this could make.  Honestly, it wasn’t really useful at all, especially since I was going to repaint the walls anyway.  Part of the reason I wanted the plastic up was to protect the switches and sockets from the water I was soaking the popcorn with.  I didn’t even really need to worry about that.  I could have just covered the sockets with plastic and tape.  Very little water got on the walls.  Judging by how hard the scraping went, I probably need to open up my spray nozzle and put out a lot more water.

The ceiling in the master bedroom is vaulted, from 8 feet to 10-1/2 feet.  This means I had to get the bigger ladder out for one side of the room.  Spray and scrape, spray and scrape.  It was a couple hours of work and an incredible mess.  In the time since doing the master closet, I already forgot how messy the process was.  Plus, being over twice as big, it was over twice the mess.  I also forgot how useless papering the floor was.  When I would go to roll up the paper, the popcorn would just spill out anyway.  But I did fill up a tall kitchen garbage bag with popcorn and damn is that stuff heavy.

The next morning I looked in the room and once again was surprised at how much bigger the room looked.  Still have sanding, patching, sanding, priming, and painting to do yet, but progress is being made.