Master Bath Progress

Let’s see, where was I?  It’s been a few months, so it’s hard to tell.  The master bath has been in a paused state.  There’s a couple of ways to go with it.  Both involved new lighting fixtures, which was impossible to decide on.  Going with a single light fixture would be extremely expensive for the size I needed.  Going with two fixtures would involve extra wiring and replacement of the huge mirror.

I finally put forth the extra shopping effort and found a 48” LED light fixture that would compliment the other square LED lighting in the room.  The light was $300, which is not bad considering the $700 lights I had been shopping.



With that decision complete, I now had to install an electrical box for the light.  I used a “pancake” shallow box.  I cut the hole for the box.


Fortunately my placement let me screw the box into existing furring strips.


Then it was a matter of patching up the holes I made.


I expected to get the patching, sanding and priming done by the end of the weekend.  Yeah, right.

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