Garage Work

Or future garage, anyway.  It took a little time to decompress from the contractor work I previously discussed.  I had to slowly get back into the idea of getting started on a project.  And I had a couple of projects that were prioritized.  First, I was not going to install blinds in the garage, nor curtains.  My choice instead was mirror window tint.  The tint supposedly blocks out something like 80% of the light, plus UV protection, plus privacy.

I found the film I wanted to use and later purchased it for half price at my warehouse store where I purchased a lot of my Adorne pieces.  I also purchased the installation kit which had a squeegee, contact spray and a trimmer.  Because I don’t really prep for anything, I later had to go back and buy razor blades, because I wanted to scrape the windows completely clean before filming them.

I’ve had my car windows tinted so I kind of understand the process.  You wet the surface, float the film into position, then squeegee it down into place.  Sounds easy; is not.  My first attempts have creases in them which make the window look cracked from the outside.  My later attempts were better looking.  I ran out of film doing only one window even though the package says it’s good for three windows.  I guess I was leaving too much border that got trimmed off.

After getting completely frustrated with one window, I decided to begin priming the walls.  I didn’t really consider just how large a garage really is.  I used up over a gallon of primer doing half of one wall.  But, progress!

On my list of things to find is a outlet cover plate that has a hole for a doorbell transformer.  I bought a simple metal cover plate, but it is very narrow and will not cover the outlet opening completely.  I have time.  I have a few days of work already queued.