Pool Refinishing Progress – Stage 3

The pool sat in its primed state all weekend and the following Monday, the pool guys were at it again.  Fortunately for them, I took half a day off because I felt ill.  So when I came back, they were busy adding the Marcite to the pool.  They got done pretty quickly and wanted to get the fuck out of there.  Like I said, they were lucky I was there because they left the pool filling to me.

But the pool looked pretty sharp with its new coating.


And as the spa was filling up, the water was a nice turquoise, although it was a bit cloudy, too.


My water bill is going to be pretty outrageous this month.

I called the installer and explained the current status and asked about the light, because it had been pushed back into the wall and now the pool was being filled.  There was some misunderstanding about who was supposed to talk to me about the light, but the light is a spa light.  He said it was probably chosen because of the “radius”.  Not sure if he was referring to the radius of the light bulb or the radius of the pool, which is oblong.  Maybe a full-size pool light would overpower the back wall and not provide much light to the side walls?

Whatever, we discussed what the options were.  $200 for a new white bulb, $400 for a white LED conversion, or $650 for color LED.  The color LED would also include a new transformer.  I only recently discovered the transformer (after 13 years of ownership) and as I mentioned, I had an electrical fuckup a while ago that I thought blew out the light, but now I’m more convinced I burnt up the transformer.

So, I wanted a new transformer anyway and I wanted color lighting, so the choice is pretty clear.  We’re getting some psychedelic special effects in this pool.