Pool Refinishing Progress – Stage 4

The pool filled all night.  I had no idea how long it would take, but when I woke up the next morning, it had maybe another 10 inches to go.  I had called in to work and said I might need to take half the day off to watch the pool fill.  So I went back to sleep.

I was woken up at 9:00 by another crew.  They were there to install the filter and heater.  So that was good.  They could watch the pool fill and I could go to work.  I talked to the guy doing the work and he turned out to be the company owner, so that was good to meet him.  I assume he will be in touch with the others when the pool is ready for its initial chemical bath.  We talked briefly about the new light and how the electrician would be coming by to do the wiring.

The mechanicals are getting completely reorganized.  The new heater is a monster.  It’s so big it won’t fit where the old one was.  It’s so big, it sticks out around the side of the house.  When I left, everything was cut out and the heater was on a new concrete pad.  When I came back, the pool was filled and the pump and filter were doing their job.


The pool heater was still just as massive as it was before, sticking out past the house.  While I don’t particularly like the look of that, what can you do?  The routing of the pipes was interesting.  Where the heater used to be on the left, the filter in the middle and the pump on the right, now the layout was filter on left, pump in middle, heater on right.


The salt chlorinator was installed as well.  It was not hooked up electrical-wise.  I think there is a control module that will need to be installed on the wall, because four boxes on the wall is nowhere near enough.


Next up is probably all electrician work.  I have boxes with the pool light and its transformer, and another box which I assume is the chlorinator controller.