House Repainting – Day 1

Oh boy, one of the biggest changes to the house is coming.  It’s changing color from pink to blue.  The house is 28 years old and still its original color.  I’ve been in the house 15 of those years and have had to live with the thought of Mellencamp’s “little pink houses for you and me” all that time.

The first thing the painters will do is pressure wash the entire thing:  building, soffits, driveway, patio, windows and pathway.  A day before they started, I took the opportunity to pull out some cable tacks and screws and a TV cable running into the side of the house.  I filled up all the holes and divots with stucco patch.  After they pressure washed, they filled up all the cracks in the stucco with a special caulk.  The driveway had never been so clean before.  They used a disc-type washer which made a huge difference.


And all the walkway stones were cleaned, which is something I could never do well myself.


I had my color chosen, Smoky Azurite, so the painter brought a tester of that color and also of the shade next lighter.  I guess lots of people are surprised when they see how dark their chosen color is.  The two colors were painted on and I stuck with my original, darker, shade.


The blue should contrast with the brick nicely.  However, to keep the house from seeming too monochromatic, and also to make the windows appear larger, I’m having the window sills painted white.  Not a pure, blinding white, but a faint off-white in the grey spectrum called Misty.

Another thing happening is the repair of the entryway.  This area got damaged from mud wasps building nests, which required pressure washing to take off.  the pressure washing damaged the sheetrock and when I went to repair it, it just got worse.  The professionals need to handle it now.  So that will all get repainted.

One thing that is not getting done is the front door.  I think I will be able to handle that in the wintertime when everything has cooled down. It will give me time to consider a color.