Failed Project: Relandscaping

After removing the shrubs in the front garden bed, it was my plan to grow grass in it and just put potted plants and things there for decoration.  Then it was pointed out to me that the pots would kill the grass underneath, so I decided I would fill the bed with stone.

I had a lot of stones from the clearing of other garden beds.  And I spent a lot of time digging up stones in the bed I was was working with.  I finally had enough of sifting dirt so I went to fill the bed.  I laid down weed barrier, carried a bucket of stones over and dumped them in.  Immediately, I knew I was in trouble.

I thought I had a lot of stones.  I thought I had a ton of stones.  I had nowhere near enough.  Seven buckets of stones didn’t even cover 20% of the area I needed it to cover.  I needed literal tons, not figurative tons, of stones to fill in the bed.  Nope, not spending money on a bunch of rocks.

So, after that disappointment, I left the few stones in place and cleaned up, figuring I needed to think about this for a bit.  Grass probably wont work.  I don’t want to spend money on rocks.  What about mulch?  I hate mulch, too, but maybe rubber mulch…

I’ll price out some mulch this week and see if it’s worth it.