More Adorne Options

While I was planning all my outlets and switches using the Legrand Adorne collection, I was a little bummed that there weren’t any options for the other jacks in the house, namely, telephone, television, and network.  That meant I would still need to keep the traditional wall plates on the walls, diminishing the effect of the fancy wall plates.

I shot off a quick email to their sales department asking when they would have such jacks available for the Adorne collection so that I could have a consistent look throughout.  I got a reply saying they already had it.  It’s called the Connectivity series.  This series is very well thought out and includes RJ-11 (telephone), RJ-45 (network), coaxial (television), as well as HDMI, speaker wire terminals, speaker binding posts, and RCA jacks color coded for audio left/right/subwoofer, video, and RGB.  That pretty much covers everything.

That’s perfect for me. I don’t need a lot of pieces from that series: 5 coax, 3 telephone, and 2 network.  But having the reassurance that all aspects of outlets are going to be covered is great.  Kudos to Legrand.