Master Bath – Wiring Update

Before I start priming the walls in the master bath, I need to take care of a little problem I discovered a while ago.  When the previous owners put in a pool, they wired the pool light switch into the master bathroom.  However, the contractor cut some corners on that install.

See for yourself.


I’m not entirely sure how an inspector would have dealt with something like this other than maybe freaking out.  If it isn’t obvious, this is a two-gang box (with the side cut out of it for some reason) and a third switch is attached directly to the wall plate.

I purchased a “old work” three-gang box (and also a new AC filter which would be employed soon after).  I made sure to document the wiring of all the three way switches.  I’m not going through that crap again.


Then I used a hand saw and cut out the old box.  I broke it apart with a pry bar and it’s lost to the inside of the wall now.



I disconnected the switches, ran the cables through the new work box, then fitted the box and reattached the switches.


Like all the other rooms in the house, these will be replaced with Adorne switches.  It’s good to have a nice, new, deep box to install into.