Master Bath Progress

Over the weekend, I finished up the ceiling of the master bath, primed, painted, and reinstalled hardware.  The new light was installed and is very effective.  Along the way, we brought home a replacement toilet – a new fancy tech one, with “rimless design”.  That will be installed after the painting.

So there’s a list of dependencies, as always, to complete this room.  Currently, those are:  Remove the towel rack and toilet paper holder and patch them up, rewire and install new light boxes for the vanity, maybe remove the large vanity mirror, patch up the marks from removing the soffit, remove the old toilet, prime and paint everything, install new toilet, install new towel/toilet paper racks and install new vanity lights.  That’s no small list.

Last night, I made the effort to remove the old racks from the wall.  They are chunky pink porcelain warts stuck in the drywall.  These were also in the guest bath and they were removed from there years ago.  Removal was simple – cut around the edges with a utility knife, then whack them with a rubber mallet until they fell off.  This left nice, gaping holes in the wall.


You’ll notice I cut additional paper borders around the outside of the holes.  I’ll be using this for the patch.  The drywall patch fits inside the hole and the patch has additional paper extending out that will fit in the wall space.  With all the joint compound, this will all it to flow without sitting higher than the existing wall surface.


The next step is to spackle them up and sand them down.  Then they sit until priming and painting.