Pool Redo Begins

Well, it’s been about four months since anything interesting has been done to the house.  Last year around this time, I got quotes for resurfacing the pool and potentially replacing all the mechanicals, like pump and filter and heater.  The pool is about 20 years old and has never been resurfaced.  It was in need of resurfacing 13 years ago when I bought the house and it never came to be.  Mostly because of the cost.

But over a long time, I’ve saved up enough money to afford the work and yesterday, I signed a contract to have it done.  That’s an immediate 11k drop in my account balances, which hurts tremendously.  But, that’s what the money was saved for, and the pool must be brought up to a usable state if anything is doing to be done with this house, whether selling or renting.

The pool does seem to have a leak somewhere, since the water level drops pretty quickly.  That has to be resolved first before they do any resurfacing.  Then they will blast out whatever soft surface is remaining in the pool, then put fresh marcite in.  I’m losing the tile borders around the steps, but they are being replaced with tile marker dots on each step.

The pool is being converted to salt-generated chlorine, which should be beneficial from a chemical purchasing standpoint.  But in a way, that’s sort of moot, since I am going to contract the pool maintenance out after the refinishing is done.  I know that I am a terrible maintenance person.  It’s a rare month that I can go without an algae bloom.  So, budgeting about $100/mo for pool service should seem reasonable.  And, if I get to the point of renting the house, it won’t be me paying for it anymore.

One unknown at this point is the pool light.  Because of a small fuckup when I was rewiring a switch, I blew out the light in the pool.  The contractor says the light is not a typical pool light, it may be a spa light.  I want to replace it with a color-changing LED light, but there’s a chance it may not fit in the opening.  That can only be determined after the pool is drained.  It may be an expensive addition to the bill, but hopefully, it will all work out ok.

The schedule is set to begin in about 2 weeks and the season is fast approaching.