Wiring Project – Exploration

I made the decision to attempt this myself and ordered what tools I figured I’d need: An endoscope to see what I was doing before I actually did it.  A mega long drill bit to do it.  And fiberglass fishing poles to push the wire up and catch it in the attic.

The scope came first and I immediately attempted to get a look up in the wall.  While the camera is advertised as semi-rigid, and it is, it’s still not rigid enough to climb more than a couple feet without bending out of direction.  So I have to wait for the poles to come in so I have something firm to attach the camera to.

The next thing to come in was the drill bit.  And what an impressive piece of tool this is.


Like the camera, I immediately tried stuffing it up the wall.  Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful getting the drill head up the wall.  I might have overestimated the amount of depth available to me between the sheetrock and cinder block.

As a sanity check, I flipped the drill over and fished the back end up.  Initially, i hit a snag right at the connection of the extension, making me think the extension couldn’t fit between the wall either.  I got out the endoscope and had a closer look.  No, there’s enough clearance.  I just determined the end of the bit was hitting a staple holding the former phone lines.  A bit of wiggling and the bit was free.  I pushed onward and upward.

Finally, I hit something solid.  Form the countless videos I’d watched, I learned to mark the bit to make sure you don’t drill too far and go through the roof.  So I taped the bit and pulled back out.  Measuring the bit showed I made it probably 4 inches past the ceiling.  What the hell?  I can’t take the chance of drilling if I don’t know exactly where the bit is, so I have to wait for the poles so I can run the scope up the wall and see exactly how far we go.

As it’s been told to me by two people, there should be a horizontal furring strip where the drywall is secured to at the ceiling.  The bit, as I’ve inserted it, is going past the ceiling.  Maybe I got super lucky and hit the hole where the phone lines came down.  If so, then with the scope, I should be able to find that hole again and no drill needed (for this run anyway)..